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Make shipping applications more enjoyable.

What is KubeVela?

KubeVela is a modern software delivery platform that makes deploying and operating applications across today's hybrid, multi-cloud environments easier, faster and more reliable.

KubeVela is infrastructure agnostic, programmable, yet most importantly, application-centric. It allows you to build powerful software, and deliver them anywhere!

what is kubevela
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Deployment as Code

Declare your deployment plan as workflow, run it automatically with any CI/CD or GitOps system, extend or re-program the workflow steps with CUE. Glue and orchestrate all your infrastructure capabilities as reusable modules and share the large growing community addons. No add-hoc scripts, no dirty glue code, just deploy. The deployment workflow in KubeVela is powered by Open Application Model.

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Built-in security, compliance and observability building blocks

Choose from the wide range of LDAP integrations we provided out-of-box, enjoy enhanced multi-cluster authorization and authentication, pick and apply fine-grained RBAC modules and customize them per your own supply chain requirements. All delivery process has fully automated observability.

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Multi-cloud/hybrid-environments app delivery as first-class citizen

Natively supports multi-cluster/hybrid-cloud scenarios such as progressive rollout across test/staging/production environments, automatic canary, blue-green and continuous verification, rich placement strategy across clusters and clouds, along with automated cloud environments provision.