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1. 升级 CLI


curl -fsSl | bash


Only the official release version is supported.

powershell -Command "iwr -useb | iex"

2. 升级 Vela Core

请先升级 Vela CLI 到最新的稳定版本,默认情况下将安装与 CLI 匹配的 Vela Core 版本。

vela install

3. 升级 VelaUX

vela addon enable velaux


在卸载 KubeVela 之前,请确保已删除所有应用和禁用所有插件。

  1. 卸载 VelaUX
vela addon disable velaux
  1. 卸载 KubeVela Core
vela uninstall
  1. 卸载 CRD
kubectl get crd |grep oam | awk '{print $1}' | xargs kubectl delete crd

Install KubeVela with cert-manager

By default, KubeVela will use a self-signed certificate provided by kube-webhook-certgen for admissionWebhooks. You can also use cert-manager if it's available. Note that you need to install cert-manager before the KubeVela chart.

helm repo add jetstack
helm repo update
helm install cert-manager jetstack/cert-manager --namespace cert-manager --version v1.2.0 --create-namespace --set installCRDs=true

Install kubevela with enabled certmanager:

vela install --set admissionWebhooks.certManager.enabled=true

Install Pre-release

# List all releases
vela version list -a

# Install the specified version.
vela install --version 1.4.0-beta.2

Install Kubectl Vela Plugin

kubectl-vela provides the same features with vela CLI, it helps you to integrate with kubectl better.

  1. Install and set up Krew on your machine.
  2. Discover plugins available on Krew:
kubectl krew update
  1. install kubectl vela:
kubectl krew install vela